Why Should I Forgive and is it Safe to Trust?

What is the meaning of forgiveness
What is the Meaning Of Forgiveness?
December 8, 2020
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December 16, 2020
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Why Should I Forgive and is it Safe to Trust?

Why should I forgive and is it safe to trust

Why Should I Forgive and is it Safe to Trust?


Forgiveness is a fundamental element of living a fulfilled life. Yet, forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting or trusting.  Today I want to talk to you about two things, one is to understand people’s true nature and the other is to see the difference between trust and forgiveness. This will be done through a story.


A scorpion wanted to cross a river one day but could not. Along came a frog who was hopping beside the river and minding his own business. The scorpion got so excited to see the frog because he needed help to cross the river, and the frog was his only hope. The scorpion was longing to see his family who were on the other side of the river.


He asked for the frog’s help, and when the frog refused, the scorpion asked why. “Well,” the frog replied, “You scorpions are known to sting creatures like us.” To that, the Scorpion laughed. He said, “Isn’t that a crazy thing to do in this situation because if I sting you, you will die and drown and so will I.”


The frog thought about it for a while. Then he put his trust in the scorpion and put him on his back and proceeded to cross the river. Halfway across the river, the Scorpion stung the frog. As the frog was being poisoned and started drowning, he looked at the scorpion. He said, “Why did you sting me? Now we are both going to drown.”


The scorpion looked down at the sinking frog and sadly said: “This is my nature; this is what I have always done.”


The story is to be aware of people’s true nature. Forgiving does not mean giving them a second chance. Second Chances Are About Trust. Forgiveness is like taking poison. And waiting for the other person to die.


In order to forgive become interested and ask questions; listen to the offender and seek to understand. It will tear down the wall and find what is separating you. When you try to understand the other person, they will feel like reciprocating. They will listen to you with an open mind to find a considerate solution.


Nonetheless, it would be best if you use discernment. When second chances are given, many continue to offend you. The issue is not about forgiveness but trust. The idea of forgiveness might mean you can never give them a second chance.


Be careful and trust when people deserve it. In this way, you won’t make the same mistake again. If you liked this video try this website.

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