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Life’s Program

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According to Dr Bruce Lipton, 95% of your life is lived through the program you downloaded from 0 to 7 years of age. It is the era of hypnosis or theta vibration. The child is working at a low vibration during these years and this is called theta frequency. Life sticks when you are working from this. Theta frequency is the stage that we enter before we go into a deep sleep.

Children are like recorders that download material. This will be played throughout their lives. They are tape recorders that record all positive and negative dialogues that people say to them. They observe the rules that each situation has. Research shows that 70% of what children record is negative.

They get conditioned by adults about what their role is in life. By repeated patterning, it gets programmed into their subconscious. Then stored into the unconscious. Many then live their lives believing they are not enough because this is imprinted.

An example of this is a teacher telling a 6-year-old, “Don’t you know how to write your name yet. Why did you spell it wrong?” Similar events get imprinted and anchored into the child’s mind. The child becomes an adult who feels incompetent, as the learning process is through repetition. So, if you repeat either positive or negative dialogues with a child, it gets stored.

A positive program is compared to learning the ABC. The child must repeat the letters hundreds of times. Then the alphabet gets imprinted and becomes a program in the unconscious. Later, they mechanically know what comes after Y.

For an adult, it is like learning to drive a car. In the beginning, it needs conscious thought. You must think about using the clutch, pedal, gears, indicators and brakes and so on……

The recorded programs from 0 to 7 years old are what we work from as adults 95% of the time. The other 5%  is what our conscious works on. This is when we are aware of life and in the moment. This could be your first drink. You were totally in the moment.

The conscious and subconscious mind work together but do not do the same thing. The conscious can learn information and understand it at that moment. But for that information to be used in their everyday life, it needs to be a habit.

That’s where the job of the subconscious comes in. The subconscious is just playing the downloaded repetitive events back to you. Nobody is running the subconscious mind though. It has no thought of its own. It’s just like talking to a brick wall.

For a change to occur it is the job of the conscious mind. It acts and can manifest the recording with its thoughts. But needs to be continually practised for the change to happen. The conscious is motivated by positive events and it will be used for changing briefly, but it won’t be imprinted unless you mind practices the new pattern repeatedly.

Unfortunately, children get programmed with harmful beliefs. These beliefs become facts in their lives. This is seen when the offspring of poor families believe it is their lot in life to be poor. Fears are stored during childhood. They justify the belief imprinted at 0-7 years of age and attract inadequacies. While rich children may feel worthy of riches. They magnetize people and opportunities that match the recorded belief.

The reason why a child attracts similar events from their childhood is that in their childhood the child lives in both reality and fantasy. This is because the child is as mentioned works at a low vibration from 0 to 7 years old and this is called theta frequency. You download life when you are working from this. Theta frequency is a relaxed stage before deep sleep.

They live in their imagination most of the time. Riding their brooms and believing they are unicorns. Or entertaining their friends with tea parties and serving them mud cakes.

The child also observes their environment, parents, siblings, teachers, peers, community, etc.…. They try to make sense of life. And understand their world by abiding by all the rules. Then adapting to different situations. However, adults or others may have been ruinous role models, then as adults, we may question if we can ever overwrite that program of the past?

The answer is 100 % Yes!  You can by going back to that hypnotic state. The theta states. Through relaxation or deep meditation in prayer, you re-enter the childhood years as an adult. You by-pass the conscious negative rules and go straight to the unconscious. There you Overwrite the program. Repetition is the answer. You play a different recording and become your destined self.

By overwriting the recording, you put positive self-serving thoughts. You become who you want to be. By doing the patterns of new behaviours repeatedly limited beliefs change. This can be hard work, and in the beginning, you may feel like an impostor. But Fake it until you make it. You can then overwrite the negative behaviour. If you enjoyed this blog, you might enjoy this one.

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