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January 13, 2021
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How I am facing my Addictions


How I am facing my addiction

Firstly by  accepting and admitting that I have an addiction and I make myself responsible enough to face it. Next I keep a journal of all my food consumption. Along with HALT, which is the acronym Elizabeth Chance uses to explain when we are more likely to over-eat.  HALT: hungry, angry, lonely and tired. I am an emotional eater and must become vigilant of when and what I am eating. This is done by keeping a journal. There are many activities we can use to distract us from over-eating. Here is another blog like this. 

Have an alternative action. Put it in place for HALT 

If I want to Eat I will…….    


  • Make a difficult call
  • Have a room a week
  • Sweep and mop
  • Clean the fridge
  • Clean the microwave
  • Clean the oven
  • Prepare the next meal
  • Clean a drawer
  • Clean a cupboard
  • Sweep the kitchen
  • Clean a window
  • Clean one wardrobe
  • Clean shelves
  • Go outside and clean
  • Clean institute
  • Records of institute
  • Clean up computer /phone
  • Clean car
  • Exercise /tread mill
  • Natural health book
  • Market the businesses
  • Drink a Tea or healthy beverage
  • Dance or sing
  • Take a walk with the dogs
  • Look at my library of books
  • Read up about charities
  • Learn something new
  • Spend time with dogs or in nature
  • Light a candle at church or home
  • Look at my appearance and rearrange wardrobe
  • Vision board or wheel of where I have been and going
  • Ring and help a friend

There are many other similar videos here

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