How does an Addiction Cover Pain?

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December 14, 2020
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How does an Addiction Cover Pain?


Addictions cover the pain

Addictions cover up the hurt which people don’t want to deal with. They don’t want to face their unmanageable lives. It is difficult to stop performing a habit because if you are addicted, you have to face reality, but life is too painful. You continue to take your fix even though you know your life and relationships will suffer. In more detail, you can’t give up addictions because you can’t face reality and for the following reasons:


  • You have become dependent on the addiction; it is your friend.


  • Physical or emotional withdrawal from substances or negative patterns create sensations of anxiety, touchiness, wobbles, sweats, nausea or vomiting.


  • You feel you have little or no control of your moods, health, careers or relationships.


  • Giving up the familiarity of the addiction means owning up to the costs, like changes in mood, self-esteem, health or family disappointments.
  • You feel it is better to have a victim mindset, as you feel addictionsare always there for you.


  • You may not want to take on the responsibilities. These responsibilities are work, family commitment, recreational activities. You hide and       become unconscious for a period throughout the day.

Dependency attacks anyone and can emerge slowly. Even, when you have a successful career or a relationship, and you want to escape for a while, substances are there to allure you. They are a way of hiding from responsibility and commitments. These dependencies may cause you to go through a downward spiral. You could lose control at work and in your relationships and have no purpose to live.


Ways to free yourself from negative patterns.

Getting out of the isolation means unchaining history’s demons. This can be done by doing the inward work. Take responsibility to write your story and not blame anyone anymore. Negative patterns are malicious; they repeatedly lure us into loneliness because they understand that in isolation, they can’t be overcome.


Though it’s a scary process to reprogram the brain to new pathways and more favourable habits, there is hope. If you get support and work on yourself, you can control the cravings. Addictions then become manageable.

For a manageable life, clearing-out the emotional baggage of the past is compulsory. See how you have created it (timelines) and seek a step by step amendments. This starts with one small promise, which is to be disciplined enough to improve your relationships.

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