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February 6, 2020
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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Following is another activity that will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where your future aspect resides. You have become aware of your past experiences and this is the process of taking responsibility to create your future.

My goal is to take responsibility for my business accounts.

Set a deadline:

By March 14th a record of all students (takings).

March 16th, I file and record all the expenditures. So, when my accountant rings on the 20th of March I give him details.

I have the right to restructure goals to aid my daily routine but not to procrastinate.

List the obstacles:

  • Tedious and time-consuming; I have other chores to do like cleaning and cooking.
  • Uncertainty of computer skills to register all students.
  • Need to be taught google spread sheets.
  • No time to focus on it, I work long hours and am studying. I procrastinate to start this because it is boring

Write down action steps for goals:

Solutions for each goal and act to remove or re-examine barriers:

  • Work an hour a day to devise the register for all students.
  • Ask daughter to tutor me with the google spread sheets, write names, months, payments.
  • Device a filing system; buy a filing cabinet, and chronologically label and file bills.

Tracking my progress on a weekly basis

Up-to-the-minute obstacles not anticipated are dated so I am able to act and resolve them. If a suggestion doesn’t work actions are reconsidered.

Reward yourself:

Rewarding is key as it gives the motivation to accomplish.

Organization is of importance in my business. I am a single mum and my income is critical to keep my head above water, so I can’t afford to not be organized. This is a table for you to fill in for your goal that will bridge the gaps between you and your future self.


Benjamin Franklin acknowledged “success is mastering one goal at a time.” So, if you focus on one thing, you will not feel overwhelmed.

A note of warning; set realistic goals. When your expectations are too high the goal is unachievable and leads you into feeling a failure.  Take baby steps and have a positive attitude and create abundance. 

Take control of your life by following these:

Step 1:  Goal is in the present-day/tense.

Step 2:  Fake your attitude until you make it.

Step 3:  Plan for roadblocks, be equipped with ammunition.

Step 4:  Action, do the work.

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