October 29, 2019
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It is broken down into three things;

  • Doubt is fears of so many choices and so it tries to keep you in your comfort zone.
  • Doubt is the exhaustion to achieve your target. It warns you of the difficulty that comes with change.
  • Doubt is fear of lack like money or time etc.….

Continuing to doubt yourself creates stress. An example of how stress affects you is, you have chosen to stop taking sleeping tablets. You may doubt you don’t have the will power to stop. You fear you are not strong enough to put a sleep routine in place. This will lead to stress and sleepless nights that will keep you up thinking about your anxieties and other issues. This results in fatigue the following days which leads you to become sick.

When you fear the decision to stop pills it’s because change scares you. As it requires a lot of energy to change a negative program.

Henceforward, all you do is pluck up the courage to say no to the sleeping tablets and put a new routine in place and unlearn a pattern. No = “next opportunity” Next opportunity means sticking to a new sleeping routine. So, if I didn’t sleep one night, I keep to the plan may be modifying it until I accomplish it.

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When you have confidence, you see life differently.  A wrong decision has no credence because you can’t fail. Fail to you only means: “First Attempt In Learning,” so you acquire the confidence to try again. If you liked this blog, you might like this one

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