Addiction And Relationship Support

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August 23, 2020
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November 13, 2020
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Addiction And Relationship Support

Addiction And Relationship Support

Hi, my name is Despina Nicola a life coach who specializes in relationships and managing addictions. The aim of my work is to understand people. I aspire to go down the well and be in the dark place with those who are hurting. I believe by being there with those who are in pain, they can feel they have encouragement to understand themselves better.

From my experience I am here to tell you that those who have addictive tendencies are not at fault. What is to blame is their life progression and timeline. They may have been bought up with patterns of abuse and then unconsciously copied the negative behavior from childhood which become part of their personality.

That is where my job comes in.  It is to explore the pain underneath each addiction. Through my videos you will see that addictions has not been a choice but a way of numbing pain. The videos are based on my book Enough is Enough a helpful Guide to managing addictions. The book studies the whys of pain and how’s of finding fulfillment.

The videos are divided into three segments. The first is to recognize there is a problem and you need help.  The second part is to use activities, a buddy system and a higher power to help you. The last part is to be your own author and design an amazing future.

The role of Dare to Begin is to transcend pain and negative patterns, this is 100% viable because we care and walk shoulder to shoulder with you. This path will lead to bravery, resilience and bringing out the true you.

I was an underachiever because of learning disabilities and suffered a lot during my school years.  Now I own two companies and am an examiner. I also did it single handedly. I am a single mum since 2003. I built up my confidence so can you. I desire that you live a prosperous life! Join me on this journey hit the subscribe button and let’s get down to business. You can find a. similar blog here

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