Absurd but life-changing
Absurd but Life-changing
January 27, 2021
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Confidence Building
February 17, 2021
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3 steps to Break a Habit

3 steps to break a habit


3 Steps to Break a Habit Breaking a Habit



Can be done by first finding out what it is you are doing. If you find yourself eating, drinking, gambling, watching too much porn or either smoking or even surfing the internet too much and want to break the habit then listen up. All these above negative habits have one thing in common.

They are all Confidence Killers so you have to have a plan in place to cut a habit. If you don’t they leave you feeling stuck and a failure so you are dependent on the habit so as to not feel anything. They rob you of living life and being with loved ones. The trick to overcome an addiction is to first think of a pre-thing to do instead of the addiction. So you use this technique, “suppose you want a drink, instead you sing karaoke, dance or walk the dogs etc…. Now let’s follow the 3 easy steps to break an addiction.

1. When you want to let’s say, drink you get an activity from the Suppose I…, Instead I… list.
2. You use the 5 second rule of Mel Robbins and count backwards from five to one, so you reprogram the brain.
3. Then simply act on the Suppose I…, Instead I list.
Do not let your feelings take control of your beliefs. Get out of your head and act on not being manipulated anymore! #3 steps #breaking habits #negative patterns #manipulated #confidence
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